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Packaging of BIOTOPE: Aquarium Simulator [PC]
BIOTOPE: Aquarium Simulator [PC Steam Code]
Platform: PC
Edition: Steam Code
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BIOTOPE: Aquarium Simulator [PC Steam Code]

Ausverkauft – Leider können wir dir dieses Spiel nicht mehr anbieten.
Aber wir haben andere Versionen des Produkts verfügbar.



Features during Early Access

  • Care and Maintenance: Take care of a complex ecosystem and ensure the health of fish and plants.
  • Trade: Trade with a variety of items, fish and plants in the shop
  • Aquarium Editor: Set up your aquariums to your liking, place plants, devices and accessories.
  • Real growth of plants and fish.
  • Defects on devices: Each device gives up the ghost once. Keep an eye on the condition of the equipment and repair or replace it in good time.
  • Manipulation of the timeline: To experiment you can create breeding tanks with time-lapse! Use this to get fast results.
  • Economy: Use your budget effectively to cover operating costs and new acquisitions. Or fill your purse with quest rewards and trade.
  • Aquarist Level and Quests: Improve your level to acquire new content in the shop or to receive special quests.