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Packaging of OMSI 2 Vienna 1 Line 24A [PC]
OMSI 2 Vienna 1 Line 24A [PC Download]
Platform: PC
Edition: Add-On Download

About the game

Be a bus driver! Have you ever dreamt of being a bus driver? Well, now you can take your seat behind the steering wheel of faithfully recreated service buses of the "Wiener Linien"! Fully functional cockpits with lots of animations and realistic sounds ensure high authenticity and create a simulation with the true flair of Vienna! "Vienna 1 - Line 24A" is the first of two add-ons for OMSI 2 placed in Vienna. It includes the route of Line 24A in different variants and traffic routings as well as the appropriate articulated busses of high-floor and low-floor generations. The interesting and challenging routing has been modeled in a true-to-original way with many objects and details and offers prolonged driving pleasure for beginners and advanced drivers alike. The buses are completely animated and include lots of functions of the everyday bus rides such as original announcements! AI-controlled passenger cars, buses, trains, trams and subways can be encountered on the route thereby putting the finishing touches on the scenery. Perfect interplay - An ideal complement to this add-on is "Vienna 2 - Line 23A": The rigid buses that operate on Line 23A start out from the same point of departure as those on Line 24A. Together, both add-ons ensure great variety and driving fun for many, many hours!


  • Articulated bus NL 205 M12 (first low-floor generation)
  • Articulated bus LU 200 M11 (last high-floor generation)
  • Route Vienna - Line 24A until the year 2005 up to Kagran
  • New routing Vienna - Line 24A since 2006 up to "Kagraner Platz"
  • Lots of new objects and street models
  • Real streets and buildings - maximum of authenticity
  • Many different routings with original timetables
  • Original "Wiener Linien" bus stop announcements
  • AI tram Type E1-c3 and Type ULF • AI subway Type U

You need the full version of OMSI 2.3 or newer to use this Add-On.


System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows XP,Windows Vista
Required memory:
min. 4000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 6000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Video Card: 1024 MB (DirectX: 9.0) You need the full version of OMSI 2.3 or newer to use this Add-On.