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Packaging of GUTS [PC]
GUTS [PC Steam Code]
Platform: PC
Edition: Steam Code

GUTS [PC Steam Code]




About the game

GUTS is a hilarious, ultra-violent Tarantino-style fighting game with a gameplay unique to the genre. The game doesn’t feature a traditional health bar, instead fighters must rip off their foes’ arms and legs and deliver a final GUTS blow to win. If the player loses a limb during the fight, the action continues, while the player will now even have different moves to fight his opponent. The brightly coloured, hilarious spectacle also features a stunning rock soundtrack.


  • Extremely bloody, fast-paced and violent matches filled with limb amputations.
  • No health bar — Players must dismember their opponent completely to win.
  • No fight timer — The show gets harsher as the match progresses with more hazards to escalate the stakes at the end of the bout.
  • 9 playable characters and 5 different stages.
  • Story Mode — Over 9 hours of single player gameplay to reveal all GUTS Characters Stories with their 2 different endings.

The new update for GUTS brings a multitude of improvements to the game that will not only enhance gameplay but also make the game more accessible for new players entering battle. Apart from enhanced graphics, the game receives a complete overhaul of the fighting system to allow for faster and more fluid action.

The main changes to the game are:

  • Full rework of the move system, with rebalancing and streamlined controller input.
  • After losing a limb, the remaining body parts now allow for more powerful combos and moves, giving the player a chance for a big comeback.
  • All GUTS moves have been optimized and can be executed quicker and more fluidly, also every character now features two GUTS moves.
  • Players can now specifically select the limbs to target with their GUTS moves.
  • New blocking system; the blocks are easier to pull off and now feature an energy bar, that, if depleted, can lead to dizziness of the character.
  • New lighting, many new graphic effects, higher framerates and a more streamlined gameplay experience with optimized integration of bullet time lead to a more fluid gaming experience.

Requires an Internet connection and Steam account.

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows 8.1 64 Bit,Windows 10 64 Bit
Required memory:
min. 8000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 6000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Processor (CPU): Intel / AMD 3.0 GHz; Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 960; DirectX: Version 11; Internet connection and Steam account required.