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Packaging of Mechanika [PC / Mac]
Mechanika [PC / Mac Steam Code]
Platform: PC / Mac
Edition: Steam Code

Mechanika [PC / Mac Steam Code]


About the game


Project MechaNika. Plan to destroy all things that are not cool.

I, Nika Allen, 7 years old, have had enough of this world thoroughly. My parents don't care about me. My brother never pays any attention to me. I am never taught anything useful at school. There are a lot of things that shouldn't exist. For these reasons I have decided to destroy everything that is not cool. With MechaNika I will destroy and eliminate the things and the people I don't like. I start at home. Then the school. This city. The whole world. I get rid of everything that is boring and pointless, and then this world becomes a better place.

If it's not cool, it will disappear. If you're not cool, hide. MechaNika is here.



In MechaNika you meet Nika, an intelligent girl who doesn't fit into the world she lives in. Maybe it's the chocolate shake with a shot of cognac she's carrying around in her backpack. Or maybe it's the fact that at the age of 7 she's interested in energy transfer, magnetic fields and electrical engineering! But being the outsider doesn't matter to Nika. Not any more. She has a plan to improve everything. A very ... strange plan. You read the MechaNika manifesto, didn't you?



  • A different adventure in which you help Nika destroy the world. Go for it!
  • Many fascinating characters with their own stories. Get to know them!
  • Extremely cool and colorful graphics, all hand-painted!
  • You will encounter many puzzles with different ways to solve them. Choose yours!
  • References to other video games, anime series, movies and bands. Can you discover them all?
  • Seriously, you shouldn't miss the chance to play this game.


Internet connection and Steam account required.

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Mac OS X Mavericks,Mac OS X Yosemite,Mac OS X El Capitan,MacOS X,Linux,Windows 10
Required memory:
min. 512 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 512 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Graphics: Intel HD 3000; Internet connection and steam account required.