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Packaging of Project Remedium [PC]
Project Remedium [PC Steam Code]
Platform: PC
Edition: Steam Code

Project Remedium [PC Steam Code]




About the game

Project Remedium is a story-driven action shooter set inside a human body devastated by illness and bad circumstances. It's a post-apocalypse of sorts, a really tiny one, but for a nanobot named Nano+, the body is a whole world. So he is hell-bent on fixing it with his guns and a unique grapnel.

In this first game by Atomic Jelly, a nanobot journeys through a human organism to revert the effects of strange illness and a set of unfortunate events that occurred.

Armed with once purely medical equipment that now became a duo of adaptive weapons — the Energy Cannon and the Remedium Sprayer — and able to travel in a fast and agile way with help of an invaluable grapnel, Nano+ can fight pathogens, mutated organisms and deranged nanobots, heal, help his allies and interact with a unique environment.

Nano+ is not alone in hist struggles: the veteran nanobot SuperVisette will guide him through the journey and the last sane nanobots struggling to maintain health and order will also help however they can.


  • Upgradeable weapons for damage dealing and accelerated healing
  • Versatile grapnel for climbing and quick getaways
  • Substance crafting for improving both treatment methods and feats of Nano+
  • Interactive environment with infected tissue and ailments
  • A story to discover and friendly nanobots to provide aid
  • Various missions related with healing and helping fellow bots
  • Bloodstream and 6 organs to heal

Internet connection and Steam account required.

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Required memory:
min. 4000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 10000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X; Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270X with 2 GB VRAM or more; DirectX: Version 11; Sound card: DirectX compatible; Internet connection; Steam account required.