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Elex [PC Steam Code]
THQ Nordic
Platform: PC
Edition: Steam Code

Elex [PC Steam Code]

THQ Nordic



About the game

With its advanced technology and population density, Magalan once was a planet with a promising future - until it was hit by a devastating meteor.

Those who survived find themselves inmidst of a battle of life and death, and a struggle to decide the fate of a planet. At the center of this fight is the element 'Elex'. As a precious, limited resource that arrived with the meteor, Elex can power machines, enable the use of magic, or even transform life into new, more powerful forms.

But which of these choices should shape the future of Magalan? Can this planet be saved by new technology and magic? Or will these new powers be Magalan's final destruction?


  • Combat: Be it swords, axes, bows, crossbows, harpoons, or even the power of magic - Elex offers one of the widest selections of weaponry in the history of role-playing. Pick up a shotgun, power up a plasma rifle or unleash a flame thrower – there’s a weapon and combat style for every fighter out there. Elex balances science, fantasy and brute force to let you choose the combat style that fits your role best!
  • Exploration: Thanks to the open world, you have access to all five regions of the game world right from the very beginning. You can go wherever you want to go, choose your battles as well as your allies. But be careful: you will also run into the mutant creatures that live in Magalan’s Elex-polluted landscapes. Walk, run, or punch your jetpack into action. Any location you can see, you can reach. Open world role-playing has never been more open.
  • Role-Playing: Find a companion, choose a faction, and influence the world. In Elex, there is no traditional class system. Instead, you must earn the trust of experienced teachers to develop the skills you select. Skills alone, however, won’t be enough to survive in this harsh and challenging world. Your attitude towards the people you meet will influence the world around you. Will you make an ally or an enemy? Is now the time to show emotions or take the course of logic? Every choice will shape the outcome of your game.
  • The Outlaws In Tavar: The rocky and desert wasteland, Tavar, is home to the Outlaws, who rummage the ruins for weapons and equipment, and worship no god. Neither do they submit themselves to the strict laws of the Berserkers, nor do they surrender to a life of emotionless conflict. With the meteor came a chance for freedom and choice - a world where anyone can rise to the top. The Outlaws live by the motto, that life may be brutal, but it’s free and easy, and that all shall be rewarded for their strength.
  • The Berserkers In Edan: Wiping the planet clean, the meteor offers the people of Magalan the opportunity to reshape the planet. Having found a way to transmute Elex into pure Mana, the Berserkers are transforming Magalan’s shattered wastes into lush, living woodland. Where Albs bring destruction, Berserkers bring life.
  • The Clerics In Ignadon: Thought to be devoid of life by the meteor's impact and constant volcanic activity, Ignadon turns out to be the perfect hideout for the Clerics to grow in power. The Clerics are followers of the god Calaan and therefore consider the consumption of Elex to be a sin. They use Elex merely to power their machines. As guardians of Magalan’s technology, the Clerics put their faith in Calaan, plasma weapons, mechs, and the power of industry. A new and even more advanced Magalan shall rise from the ashes.
  • The Albs In Xacor: Although the meteor caused destruction, it also gave the people of Magalan the means to rebuild the planet – Elex. Using its power for technology is just the beginning: by consuming pure Elex, humans can get stronger, think clearer and be freed from emotions. Convinced by the idea that only the strongest survive, the Albs, who are based in the mountains of Xacor, set out to conquer Magalan and demand Elex for themselves.

Internet connection and Steam account required.

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10 64 Bit
Required memory:
min. 6000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 20000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 940 at 3.0 GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 5870, 1 GB VRAM; DirectX: Version 11; Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card; Internet connection and Steam account reduired.