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Emballage de Play With Me [PC]
Play With Me [PC Steam Code]
Plateforme : PC
Édition : Steam Code
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Play With Me [PC Steam Code]


Plateforme :

Édition :

À propos du jeu

Investigative journalist Robert Hawk and his wife Sara mysteriously disappear. The investigating officers immediately suspect a man known as “Illusion” –a serial killer Hawk had been writing articles about, close to discovering “Illusion’s” true identity. But now Hawk finds himself in the “Illusion” and must conquer a maze of puzzles to survive.

  • Numerous optical puzzles and illusions
  • Moral choices
  • Different endings
  • Extended “Mental State System”
  • Blood-curdling soundtrack

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Configuration système requise
Système d'exploitation :
Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 7
Mémoire vive requise :
min. 4000 MB
Espace de stockage requis sur le disque dur :
min. 400 MB
Résolution d'écran recommandée :
min. 1024x768
Autres :
VCard: Radeon R4/Intel HD 4600, Radeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000; Steam Account