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Packaging of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe [PC]
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe [PC Steam Code]
Platform: PC
Edition: Game of the Year Deluxe (Steam Code)
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe [PC Steam Code]


About the game

Oblivion Game of the Year deluxe edition presents one of the best RPGs of all time like never before. Alongside the critcally-acclaimed massive world of Oblivion are the Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles expansion, adding new and unique quests and content.  

In the shadow of evil, a hero will rise from the ashes of a fallen empire. The gates have been opened, and the battle has begun. Only one thing can save the world from Mehrunes Dagon and the demonic hordes of Oblivion. The true heir of the Septim line must be found and restored to the Imperial throne. The fate of the world rests in the hands of one. Find him, and shut the jaws of Oblivion.

Knights of the Nine:Return the Nine to Glory - A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of Oblivion to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released upon the land. You must heed the call, reclaim the lost relics of the Divine Crusader, and return the Nine to glory.

Additional content of the Deluxe Edition:

  • Fighter's Stronghold Expansion - Live the life of a noble warrior in this expansive castle with private quarters, grand dining hall, and a wine cellar.
  • Knights of the Nine Quest - Vanquish the evil that has been released upon the land. New dungeons, characters, quests, and mysteries await.
  • Spell Tome Treasures - Get these books and find low and high-level spells, as well as new powerful spells with multiple effects added.
  • Vile Lair - An underwater multilevel hideout for evil players to find refuge, providing your character with safe haven.
  • Mehrune's Razor Conquer one of the deepest and most challenging dungeons in all of Cyrodiil to claim this fearsome weapon.
  • The Thieves Den - Uncover a famous pirate's lost ship and claim it for your own. Designed for stealth-based characters.
  • Wizard's Tower - In the frozen mountains of Cyrodiil stands Frostcrag Spire, a tower of wonders for your magic-oriented character.
  • Orrery - Harness the power of the stars. Rebuild the Orrery to unlock the secrets of this Mages Guild Inner Sanctum.
  • Horse Armor Pack - Tamriel is a dangerous place. Protect your horse from danger with this beautiful handcrafted armor.

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System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows XP
Required memory:
min. 1000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 4600 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Windows XP(64-Bit)/ 2000, Video Card:128 MB VRam, Internet connection, Steam