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Packaging of Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC) [PC]
Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC) [PC ]
Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Edition: Download
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Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC) [PC ]

Electronic Arts



About the game

Set on a remote tropical island off the coast of Ling Shan - the setting for the original Crysis game - Crysis 3: The Lost Island expansion pack gives players four brand new multiplayer maps two new multiplayer modes, Possession and Frenzy, and two new weapons to battle online with.


  • Four, New Multiplayer Map Island Locations: Coastline: Fishing village environment set on stunning, island coastline
  • Crossings: Compete on both sides of the island's river with shallow jetties and bridges available for crossing sides
  • Creek: Paddy field location with bridges connecting all sides and uniting the water-based landscape
  • Ascent: Steep ravine based island location featuring waterfalls and small cave passesTwo, New Multiplayer Modes: Possession: a new mode featuring time-based challenges for individuals and teams with rewards for match kills and flag possession
  • Frenzy: a new mode featuring time-based challenges with sequences of randomized weapon and module load-outs and rewards for individuals with the most match killsTwo
  • New Weapons: The new, CLAW and RHINO weapons offer individuals more lethal weapons for the online multiplayer experience on The Lost Island


Requires the main game Crysis 3 and an Origin-Account!

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8
Required memory:
min. 4 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 17 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Windows Vista(SP2)/ 7(SP1), DirectX 11-Graphics card with 1 GB VRam Nvidia GTX560/ AMD Radeon HD5870, requires DirectX 11, Internet connection