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Packaging of Vector Thrust [PC]
Vector Thrust [PC ]
Iceberg Interactive
Platform: PC
Edition: Download
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Vector Thrust [PC ]

Iceberg Interactive



About the game

With an extensive variety of game modes like the unpredictable and vicious Quick Action, a customizable Skirmish Mode, and multiple immersive story-based campaigns, Vector Thrust aims to please both players wanting to get straight into the sky and those who love a flexible, diverse and customizable gaming experience.

Vector Thrust gives the player full power over the game to alter any aspect of the game they choose, ranging from simple tweaks to full-blown modifications. Adding user-made skins, changing unit performance and parameters or even complete battle scenarios is easy and open to anyone. With fully fleshed out Map, Mission and Campaign editors, Vector Thrust boasts unlimited expandability and adaptability.

With advanced tactical AI that actively analyses and responds to a dynamic battlefield, as well as over 200 fully playable aircraft (through various iterations of over 40 aircraft models) and even more naval and ground units that all work to complete their objectives in different ways, Vector Thrust offers missions that are never played the same way twice.


  • Stay engaged from dawn until dusk and beyond with many single and multiplayer game modes
  • Keep coming back for more with multiple missions via a series of campaigns
  • Unlock over 200 aircraft through a simple yet competitive Challenge Mode
  • Pit yourself against advanced tactical AI that responds to the world around it
  • Clash against titanic aerial fortresses and super weapons
  • Duel with a myriad of Ace fighter squadrons, each with their own unique combat strategies
  • Modify your game with easy, simple modding tools and share your creations with others

Steam-Account is required. This is an Early Access Game. The Game is in the development phase, that's why the content will change!

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
Required memory:
min. 1000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 3000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Windows XP (SP3), Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or AMD Processor, Graphics card: 128 MB VRAM and Pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0 support, DirectX: DirectX 9.0c, Steam-Account