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Packaging of Crab Cakes Rescue [PC]
Crab Cakes Rescue [PC ]
Platform: PC
Edition: Download

Crab Cakes Rescue [PC ]




About the game

Crab Cakes Rescue is a unique puzzle game that will pinch your brain! Navigate your way through nearly 100 vibrant levels by shedding your shell to create new opportunities to escape! Each time a shell is shed, a block is created and your crabby crustacean self is shrunk. You must use these tricks wisely as you have a finite number of shells! And beware of pesky seagulls and other bothersome beach buddies as you find the best way to get up, down, and around each mind-boggling level. Prepare to spend hours on the sandy shore of Crab Cakes Rescue! 


  • Nearly 100 mind-pinching levels!
  • Multiple ways to finish each level - you decide! 
  • Avoid pesky birds and pollution 
  • Use your shell “lives” to create new opportunities to win!

Requires a Steam Account!

System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8
Required memory:
min. 2000 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 2000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Intel Core 2 Duo E4400/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+, Graphics card with 512 MB VRAM DirectX 9.0c-compliant with Shader Model 4.0, Internet connection, Steam