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Packaging of Two Worlds II - GOTY [PC]
Two Worlds II - GOTY [PC ]
TopWare Interactive
Platform: PC
Edition: Download

Two Worlds II - GOTY [PC ]

TopWare Interactive



About the game

Story Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Antaloor brought the whole world to the edge of the abyss... and the hero's strength is finally exhausted. He is a prisoner in the dark dungeons of Gandohar's castle and any hopes he has of saving his sister seem to have vanished along with his freedom. In spite of a self-sacrificing battle against evil, the twins were separated and Kyra is now under the influence of a powerful magic spell from which there is no escape. Evil influences are attempting to awake the slumbering powers of an old generation in order to dominate all of Antaloor, and the hero is powerless to do anything about it... However, just as his despair has reached its lowest ebb, a faint ray of hope appears from a completely unexpected direction. The hated Orcs have put together a rescue squad and the hero is amazed when they free him from the chains of his tormentors.  Still skeptical about this newfound truce between two races which have always been deadly enemies, the hero once again finds himself confronted by a completely new situation... now he has to find out why the Orcs helped him - and learn as much as he can about their mysterious leader, the legendary Prophet Cassara. She is both beautiful and mysterious - but the hero must trust her if he has to have his long-planned revenge. So he starts out on a dangerous journey through a land desecrated by evil - a journey he hopes will shed some light on Gandohar's dark past and help him find a weak point in the defenses of this powerful Mage... only then can he finally rescue his sister, Kyra. Gandohar's palace Vahkmaar, with its brooding and menacing atmosphere, is only one of the many fascinating locations which await the player's avatar. Two of these locations are the craggy island of the Prophet Cassara with its dark catacombs and mysterious ruined temple, and the twin desert cities, Hatmandor and Cheznaddar. Hatmandor is a flourishing centre of trade, but Cheznaddar has seen better times, and is a magnet for those who prefer to skulk in the darkness. Players will fall under the spell of many more locations and the adventures associated with them - just two of the many sites are the fascinating Asian world of New Ashos and the legendary Veneficus University, where the most powerful Mages impart their knowledge to eager students. And a visit to the small village of Conney and the colony of Tir Geal in the depths of the swamps will reveal helpful secrets from Gandohar's dark past. Many characters with colorful background stories inject their own particular brand of living, breathing vitality into this world; characters like Ed Teal, for example,  the most infamous and cunning pirate ever to have sailed Antaloor's seas. Even the less spectacular characters, like Lawrence Lexington have so much charisma that players are drawn deep into the world of Antaloor again and again. All these locations and characters - and the adventures that are closely linked to them - enable players to embark on a journey into Antaloor's past, which is closely linked with the past  of the hero. And many a surprise will come to light before the ultimate battle for the fate of the world commences...   Gameplay "Two Worlds II" offers a perfect RP symbiosis of sheer atmosphere and dazzling technology.  A complex quest system with an exciting main story that leads you through the world of Antaloor, plus lots of secondary scenarios with their associated quest stories ensure that the followers of the main story AND the adventurous souls who love the danger of exploring unknown regions will ALL get their money's worth and more!  The many quests and video sequences, drenched in sheer atmosphere, drive the story mercilessly onwards. The sequences include ingame and render videos, all seamlessly integrated into the actual gameplay. Completely redesigned AI and Balancing standards, experienced authors, the flexible combat system and the fabulously intuitive management of magic are further guarantees of game enjoyment, for RPG professionals and newcomers to the genre. The realistic behavior of the NPCs and other opponents in the game world is the key to sophisticated way-finding parameters, an ingenious communications network between NPCs and a continuous comparison of game data. The player has many ways of getting to wherever he wants to go, like walking, running, sprinting, riding, swimming, sailing and teleporting. As far as combat is concerned, there's a clever and artistic system of attack and defense moves available - all realistically integrated into the game by means of Motion Sensing. Active parrying, variable attack tactics with different hit results, and the reaction of the opponent to the selected strategy all ensure that every combat scenario becomes an unforgettable, individual experience. And the comprehensive magic system is also unbelievably flexible, thanks to the DEMONSTM technology. Players can use a complex card system to create almost as many spells as they want from the five mana sources of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Dark Magic. An imposing particle system also ensures that the magic effects are implemented in spectacular fashion. And the same applies to Alchemy - thanks to the PAPAKTM method, players can brew unique potions for their experiments, using a huge spectrum of substances ranging from plants to minerals and animal ingredients. Flexibility is also the key word in the design possibilities for weapons and armament items during gameplay. The technical foundation behind this feature is the newly created CRAFTTM tool. Thanks to this system, the player can break down almost any item into its basic materials like steel, wood and leather. These materials can then be used in turn to upgrade other items. Artistic-minded players can even buy paints and design their own individual armor and weapons. Then there are magical runes and artifacts which can be incorporated into weapons and items of armor. The combination of these three basic types of customization will give players an almost endless range of possibilities for creating their own equipment designs! Then we have the GRACETM engine, especially developed for "Two Worlds II". In combination with the extremely flexible MoSens Cap system, it enables an almost unimaginable freedom of movement when the hero is walking, running, fighting and interacting with his environment. "Two Worlds II" is graphically superb, thanks to the powerful engine, which is packed full of technological highlights like an unlimited number of dynamic light sources, 24 bit HDR post-processing and Real Eye Adaptation. The very effectiveness of GRACETM also ensures drastically reduced.   Background When Antaloor was created at the beginning of time, the many races populating this paradise lived in harmony with one another. But this peace didn't last long. Uprisings took place and civil wars abounded - conflict had finally ousted harmony. The skirmishing and full-scale battles finally reached such a proportion that civilized life on Antaloor collapsed. The effects of this were so far-reaching that almost all of Antaloor was crushed by the rival forces. The power structure of the four elements - Water, Air, Earth and Fire - was stretched to the limits, and only some Herculean efforts were able to save it from collapsing completely. The scale of the destruction, however, was enormous. This near-apocalypse saw the birth of the Orphans, a small band who fought on the side of good. Although small in number, they decided to learn from the mistakes of the generations that had gone before - and to usher in a new era. Four of these Orphans stood out from the rest - and they were destined to be the spiritual leaders of the new age. During a historic meeting, the four created a powerful pact that would permanently repair the damage their ancestors had done to Antaloor. They sacrificed their own dreams to bring peace to the land and swore eternal service to the four elements of power. In this way, the Gods of Antaloor were created and are still worshipped to this day: Maliel, the Goddess of the Air, Throglin, God of the Earth, Yatholen, God of the Water and Aziraal, the God of Fire. The peace they created lasted for a long, long time... until the evil Gandohar discovered the old writings of the Orphans. He deciphered them and ultimately discovered the secret of the four elements' power. A new wave of fate now threatened all of Antaloor - and still threatens the land today. Gandohar used his new-found knowledge to gain control of the elements and thus control the entire known world. Gandohar, the Dark Lord, knew that he would have to access the power of the quartet to even have a chance of becoming a God himself. He succeeded in disrupting the balance between the elements, thanks to cunningly laid plans and traitorous schemes. At the same time as the God of Fire was vanquished, the gates of power opened up for another element - and since then its dark magic has spread evil shadows over all of Antaloor. Gandohar seized this unique opportunity created by the emergence of this new element without leadership. He started out on his evil path by trying to use the power in the body of Kỹra, a descendant of the Orphans. He thought that this would help him gain full control over the dark magic and attain a place among the remaining gods. But Kỹra's human body - in spite of her ancestry - could not stand the enormous strain of the procedure for very long. So, having beaten Antaloor into submission, Gandohar now sits in his stronghold in Vahkmaar and concocts a devilish plan... one which will give him power over one of the most dazzling characters in the land. But the followers of good also take up the struggle and attempt to shift the balance of forces in their favor. Once again, the battle for Antaloor has begun...
System Requirements
Operating system:
Windows Vista,Windows XP
Required memory:
min. 512 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 6000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
Sound card DirectX 9.0c compatible, Graphic Card: With Per-Pixel Shader 2.0