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Packaging of Cross of the Dutchman - Digital Deluxe [Mac]
Cross of the Dutchman - Digital Deluxe [Mac ]
Triangle Studios
Platform: Mac
Edition: Digital Deluxe Edition
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Cross of the Dutchman - Digital Deluxe [Mac ]

Triangle Studios

The Digital Deluxe Edition offers the following bonus material:

  • Soundtrack - Get consumed by epic music
  • Papercraft - craft your own legend.
  • Artbook & Project Timeline - Get a deeper look into the project

About the game

In Cross of the Dutchman, you play as Pier, the farmer who turned into the commander of a Frisian army, an example for all people who were oppressed by the Saxon invaders. While leading the rebellion you will get to meet and befriend historical characters and let them join your cause for freedom! 

You will explore the Frisian landscape as it was during the 16th century and experience first hand how people struggled to survive during these times of conflict. Travel to villages, farms, forests and other landmarks and collect and find the treasures and gold that is hidden all over Frisia. 

Lead by example with your formidable sword which inspires fear and respect with even the toughest of enemies. The legend says that Pier was able to cut down multiple Saxon mercenaries with a single blow! (The sword is nowadays displayed in a museum in the Netherlands) 

During the game, you will be able to help Pier by improving his abilities and making him even more powerful. Using your sword and fists you will make your enemies tremble! 

Key Features of Cross of the Dutchman: 

  • Completely unique historically accurate environments. 
  • A rich and compelling storyline with incredible characters. 
  • An aesthetically unique art style. 
  • Action, Adventure and Strategy gameplay elements. 
  • Incredibly satisfying battle mechanics, emphasizing a feeling of power and strength. 
  • Large, outdoor battlefields with hundreds of opponents and allies. 
  • Detailed hand-drawn cutscenes. 
  • A unique soundtrack.

And the best Steam features: 

  • Controller support: lead the rebellion while relaxing on the couch with a controller. 
  • Steam Trading Cards: collect Cross of the Dutchman badges, backgrounds and emoticons. 
  • Steam Achievements: Prove to the rest of the world that you are worthy of playing Pier.

Digitale Deluxe-Edition
The Digital Deluxe Edition offers bonus material that allows you to enjoy Cross of the Dutchman even more! We will include the following items in our Deluxe Edition:

Soundtrack - Get consumed by epic music
Stefan Kuizenga, our producer and composer has composed an incredible soundtrack that will be made available for you in high quality MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format! You will be able to enjoy medieval themed music that has been influenced by these grim times.

Papercraft - craft your own legend.
Always wanted to pose a legend on your desk or TV? Here is your chance! You will be able to print out a model of Pier and customize it any way you want. Trust us, it's pretty cool!

Artbook & Project Timeline - Get a deeper look into the project
You will also receive an art book containing photographs and images of all the actual locations and interesting objects that were used while creating this project! On top of that, you will receive a visual representation of our entire project timeline, starting from the very inception of the game all the way to its release.

System Requirements
Operating system:
Required memory:
min. 2048 MB
Required memory on hard drive:
min. 1000 MB
Recommended screen resolution:
min. 1024x768
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